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Lab-grown diamonds are becoming more popular than ever before. Some people feel they have a better quality because the diamonds are created in a laboratory. Others feel they are less expensive and easier to care for than natural diamonds.

There are many different places to consider when purchasing a diamond ring, so it is essential to do your research before making a purchase.

Where Should You Buy Your Lab-Grown Diamond Ring?

Diamond Ring

1. Taylor & Hart

When it comes to buying diamond rings, there are a few places considered to be some of the best. One of those places is Taylor & Hart, which provides high-quality lab-grown diamonds. Here are some of the benefits and advantages of buying from this store:

First and foremost, Taylor & Hart offers an array of different diamond rings. For one, their diamonds are consistently high in quality, meaning you can be assured that you’re getting something that’s both beautiful and durable.

Additionally, their rings come with various advantages that make them stand out from the competition. For example, they’re often made with unique designs that please any bride-to-be or woman.

2. Vrai

Vrai is a company that specialises in lab-grown diamond jewellery. These diamonds are artificial and are made from carbon. They are said to be one of the best places to buy diamond rings because of the benefits they offer.

First and foremost, their lab-grown diamonds are eco-friendly. They don’t require mining or cutting; they’re created through a controlled chemical reaction. This means there’s no risk of environmental damage, and they can be recycled infinitely.

Another benefit of their diamonds is their hardness. They’re about seven on the Mohs scale, slightly more complicated than naturally mined diamonds. This makes them perfect for jewellery applications where durability is critical, like wedding bands or earrings.

Finally, lab-grown diamonds have a variety of uses that make them unique compared to other types of stones.

3. Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth offers lab-grown diamond rings as one of the many benefits of purchasing from them. Diamonds are a precious commodity, so it is essential to find a reputable supplier that can offer superior-quality products. Brilliant Earth has been able to perfect the production process of these rings, meaning they are of exceptional quality and come with many advantages.

First and foremost, lab-grown diamonds are environmentally friendly. They do not require any mined resources or environmental damage, making them an ideal choice for those looking to support sustainable practices.

Additionally, Brilliant Earth’s diamonds are hypoallergenic, which means they should not cause allergic reactions in those who wear them. Finally, these rings are affordable compared to traditional diamonds; In fact, a single ring can cost as little as $200!

4. Clean Origin

There are many reasons why people choose to buy lab-grown diamond rings. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Clean Origin is one of the best places to buy lab-grown diamond rings because of the quality of its products and the customer service they provide. They have a reputation for being reliable and honest, which is essential when buying something as expensive as a diamond ring.
  2. One of the biggest reasons to buy lab-grown diamond rings from Clean Origin is that they offer a wide variety of styles and colours to choose from, so you can find the perfect ring for your unique style.

5. James Allen

James Allen is one of the best places to buy lab-grown diamond rings. The company offers a wide variety of styles, and they have a selection that is second to none.

James Allen has been in business for more than 20 years and is still going strong today. They offer the same level of service and quality as when they first opened their doors in 2006.

When you buy a diamond ring from James Allen, you’re not just buying an engagement ring for your fiancée or wife; you’re investing in your future as well.

6. Ritani

When shopping for a lab-grown diamond ring, Ritani is one of the best places to go. Here are some of the advantages of buying a ring here.

First, Ritani offers various rings in all shapes and sizes. You can choose from traditional diamonds to unique lab-grown designs that you won’t find elsewhere. Plus, you can be sure that each ring is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Moreover, Ritani diamonds are eco-friendly because they are made with natural gas instead of coal. This makes them environmentally friendly and helps protect our planet’s resources.

Plus, Ritani diamonds have many other benefits: they’re beautiful, durable, and affordable.


12FIFTEEN is one of the best places to buy lab-grown diamond rings because of its many benefits and advantages. First, 12FIFTEEN has a wide selection of lab-grown diamond rings that you can choose from. Second, 12FIFTEEN offers superior-quality lab-grown diamond rings that are made with high levels of precision.

Third, 12FIFTEEN offers a variety of uses for lab-grown diamond rings, including wedding bands, engagement rings, and even earrings. Fourth, buying lab-generated diamonds from 12FIFTEEN is a good idea because they are environmentally friendly and they have little to no impact on the environment.

A big reason you should buy lab-generated diamonds from 12FIFTEEN is that they are some of the highest-quality diamonds available on the market today.

8. Lark And Berry

Lark And Berry are one of the best places to buy lab-grown diamond rings. They have various styles and designs, with an excellent customer service team to help you find your perfect ring.

Lark And Berry have been around since 2006 and have built a strong reputation in the industry. They are known for their excellent customer service, superior quality products, and competitive prices. Lark And Berry offer a lifetime warranty on all their products, so you can be sure that your purchase will last for years.

Lark And Berry are one of the few companies that offer lab-grown diamond rings at a reasonable price point without compromising on quality or style.

9. Noémie

Noémie is one of the best places to buy lab-grown diamond rings. They offer a wide range of lab-grown diamond rings guaranteed to be 100% conflict-free and ethically sourced.

Lab-grown diamonds are the future of jewellery. The process is much more environmentally friendly than traditional diamond mining and has many benefits for consumers. Lab-grown diamonds have no inclusions, they are not affected by heat or pressure, and they can be made into whatever shape or size you want.

Noémie offers lab-grown diamond rings in different colours and shapes that perfectly suit your style and personality. All their products come with a lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry about their quality going down over time.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Lab-Grown Diamond Ring?

Diamond Ring

1. Eco-Friendly and High Quality

Lab-grown diamonds are gaining popularity as a viable alternative to the mined diamond industry. Here are some of their key benefits:

  1. Eco-friendly: Unlike mined diamonds, which come from conflict-ridden areas, lab-grown diamonds are created in a clean, controlled environment.
  2. Higher quality: Lab-grown diamonds are higher than mined diamonds and can be more precisely cut and shaped. This makes them ideal for use in jewellery and other speciality products.
  3. Variety: There is a wide range of colours and cut types available for lab-grown diamonds, so you’re sure to find the perfect diamond for your needs.

2. Affordable Pricing

Lab-grown diamonds offer several benefits that make them more affordable than traditional diamonds. These diamonds are produced through a process called “chemical vapour deposition”, which uses heat and pressure to create small, precise particles of diamonds.

This method is much cheaper than the traditional process of mining diamonds, and it also creates fewer environmental concerns. Additionally, lab-grown diamonds are more durable than traditional diamonds and can withstand significant amounts of wear.

They’re also more resistant to heat and fire, making them ideal for use in jewellery. Finally, lab-grown diamonds are colourless and cloudy, which makes them perfect for custom designs.

3. Ethically Sourced and Durability

As the world becomes more and more connected, we are starting to see a trend in luxury goods being manufactured in a lab instead of on an actual plantation. While many people may be sceptical of products not made on traditional plantations, there are many benefits to lab-grown diamonds.

One of the main advantages of lab-grown diamonds is that they are ethically sourced. This means the diamonds were not mined from a natural resource that could potentially harm or exploit workers. In addition, this type of diamond has no adverse environmental consequences like mining.

Another benefit of lab-grown diamonds is their durability. Unlike natural diamonds, which can easily break or chip, lab-grown diamonds are much more complicated and less likely to wear down over time. This makes them perfect for use in jewellery and other durable applications.


In conclusion, lab-grown diamonds are just as beautiful as the natural variety and are environmentally friendly too. So if you’re ready to ditch your diamond ring altogether and go for something more sustainable, lab-grown diamonds are a perfect choice. Go ahead and buy some!


Does buying lab-grown diamonds make sense?

Compared to natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are relatively perfect. To the naked eye, they are almost perfect, with a high VS1 clarity. Certifying a lab-grown diamond is an option, but it isn’t as crucial as certifying earth-mined diamonds for the reasons listed above.

What is the best place to buy lab-created diamonds?

Hold it up to a UV screener to see fluorescence in a diamond. Your jeweller can show you the results of placing the diamond under a UV light if they have one. Lab-created diamonds appear red under UV light, while mined diamonds appear blue.

Is a lab diamond natural or not?

The only way to tell the difference between lab-grown and mined diamonds is to inspect the girdle of the diamond under a magnifier for a laser inscription