Diamonds are one of the most sought-after items in the world. Diamonds are highly valued for their rarity, beauty and durability. Diamonds have been around for centuries and have always been a symbol of wealth, power and love.

Diamond earrings are a great buy for anyone who wants to make an impression on other people. They can also be used as a gift to celebrate a special occasion or show someone how much you care about them.

What Time of Year Is Best to Buy Diamonds?

Let’s discuss timing! When considering the purchase of a gem, timing is undoubtedly an important consideration. With that in mind, let’s return to the original topic of this article: when is the greatest time to buy a diamond?

When it comes to receiving the biggest bargains, keeping an eye and ear on the market is critical. In essence, this means knowing how to benefit from fantastic deals and get large savings from the  offers that jewellers and diamond dealers provide  every year!

Many people would prefer not to buy diamonds since they believe they can be a little too pricey. While to some extent this is true, we think that if you have a good understanding of what to look for in a diamond and when to buy one, you will be able to get a lovely stone without really breaking the bank!

In order to provide you with the opportunity to purchase the gem of your dreams (or your special someone’s dream), let’s look at five various times/shopping seasons throughout the year that are excellent for the purchase of diamonds.

1. Christmas sales

It’s no secret that “Christmas” is one of the best times of year to shop!

Almost all retailers offer a ton of promotions around Christmas, and each one competes to outsell the others by enticing customers with irresistible deals and unbeatable prices.

Jewellery retailers are also participating in the season’s deals, so customers can take advantage of them to snag fantastic stones.

Despite the fact that Christmas is one of the primary “discount seasons,” you may have left it late to get Christmas gifts and are in a rush to find the ideal gift at this time of year and are less concerned with pricing, so:

Hot Tip: If you want to present a diamond as a Christmas gift but have already missed the Black Friday deals, it is advisable to check into choices earlier, perhaps in November.

2. Valentine's Day

Since Valentine’s Day is not a religious holiday, there are undoubtedly substantial  sales. Businesses are scrambling to close as many deals as they can before the next hectic holiday season!

Valentine’s Day is a very heavily commercialised occasion, and you can expect to find a ton of fantastic deals much like during the Christmas season!

We beg you to keep in mind that retailers are aware of Valentine’s Day rush, so we suggest making your purchases earlier to avoid price increases.

What would a holiday of love be without diamonds? It’s not surprising that there is usually a rush on Valentine’s Day.

Pay attention to the prices before Valentine’s Day to determine whether they are a truly good deal or just a good trap for companies and businesses to secure more money. Since Valentine’s Day is a day to express love (or, more materialistically , brag about the gifts your partner has showered you with), some brands will even increase their prices during that season (because of the high and urgent demand).

3. The renowned sales on Black Friday

Mentioning the finest times of the year to buy diamonds without mentioning Black Friday bargains would be a crime.

It’s so customary for consumers to wait until this Friday, which occurs after Thanksgiving, to make any significant purchases so they can obtain their preferred goods at low prices.

The Black Friday discounts span a variety of businesses and the jewellery industry is not exempt from this global “custom.” Depending on what a specific jewellery company is selling, customers can find big savings on entire stocks, earrings, jewellery items, special collections, or even single pieces!

For our primary topic here, diamonds, we strongly encourage you to hold off and wait for Black Friday’s deals if you want to finally get that gem for yourself or as a token of love to that particular someone without necessarily going bankrupt yourself.

Smarts are needed to negotiate a decent deal. Since you’re presumably purchasing the diamond with a setting and certain settings are quite pricey, you might not be getting a great discount on the diamond itself (especially if it’s loose). However, you can get great value on settings.

4. Mother’s Day

Every year, Mother’s Day is such a tremendous event as everyone strives to top themselves.

Mother’s Day may be an unusual holiday, but it has gained enormous popularity because, on this day, billions of people around the world express their love and gratitude for their mothers through sweet messages posted on social media walls and, of course, by giving them numerous gifts, including diamonds.

Diamonds are, after all, a girl’s best friend, right?

The reason why Mother’s Day is a fantastic time to buy a diamond is that various industries are given the chance to compete as the best Mother’s Day gift-givers. This means that a wide variety of things are permitted as gifts, so no one is rushing out to get a diamond ring or necklace.

Due to the fact that there is less focus on buying diamonds as a gift during this holiday, manufacturers are compelled to offer their jewels for real sale at very alluring prices in order to entice customers away from the fierce competition surrounding the more typical Mother’s Day gifts, and persuade them to buy diamonds.

You can  take advantage of this chance to invest in a magnificent stone for a future birthday or anniversary (or perhaps a summer engagement ring).

Hot Tip: Be smart and avoid being duped by phoney discounts during such holidays. Instead, take note of the pricing a few weeks beforehand, and then assess whether or not it’s a fair deal by judging the level of discounts you may come across.

5. Cyber Monday

By now, it should be clear that November and December are generally the ideal months to purchase loose diamonds (or rings).

It is literally the ideal time to make a purchase after Thanksgiving, in ode of the fantastic Black Friday deals followed immediately by Cyber Monday.

Since there are only two days between Black Friday and Cyber Monday (the latter happening to fall on the first Monday after Thanksgiving, typically taking place between November 25th and December 2nd), it has become very common for most retailers (in the diamond industry as well as other sectors) to extend Black Friday sales and combine them with Cyber Monday.

November is undoubtedly a terrific time to make a purchase for diamonds since you might not be able to get better deals any other time of the year with Christmas and New Year just around the corner.

Additionally, bear in mind that buying gifts (such as tennis bracelets, diamond earrings, pendants, anniversary rings, etc.) is NEVER TOO EARLY.

Therefore, if you want to buy that special someone something special to show them how special they are to you on Valentine’s Day, for example, you should probably buy it when there is a great sale going on, like on Cyber Monday, or at the very latest by the end of the year sales (Christmas at the very least!).

Hot Tip: If you have the opportunity to choose, skip Cyber Monday if most of the attractive discounts are typically (but not always) given (and run out) during Black Friday. If you want to take advantage of Black Friday offers, plan ahead and have cash on hand. If not, you can (probably) still make it on Cyber Monday.

Buying Advice for Diamond Stud Earrings

Buying Diamond Stud Earrings

You have several opportunities throughout the year to benefit from savings, whether you wish to time your diamond stud earring purchase with a holiday or birthday. Check out our buying advice before going to the store to buy diamond stud earrings:

Prior planning will help you get the diamond stud earrings you want. It is simple to get carried away by the thrill of going shopping in person or discovering a wonderful deal online. You can avoid buying regret by being certain of the type of diamond stud earrings you desire beforehand. Before you go shopping, be sure to know the ideal mounting style, diamond shape, 4Cs, and pricing range.

Buy anytime you can online. Because they offer their jewellery at lesser prices than physical jewellery stores, online jewellery companies are fantastic. You may take advantage of both the store’s promotion and the discounts that come with online shopping when you do so during a special period.

Look in the cleared area. Not everyone wants to hold off on purchasing diamond stud earrings for several months. Browse the jewellery store’s clearance department if you don’t like to wait.

How to Find the Best Diamond Deals and When to Buy Diamonds

Best Diamond Deals

1. Perform research

If you prefer to buy diamonds from jewellery stores on the street, we advise against going into the first one you see. We’re not implying that the diamonds are fake; rather, it would be wise to conduct some market research by visiting at least 2-3 more retailers to compare prices.

By doing this, you can be sure that the physical store you choose ultimately offers the best bargain for the amount of money you have available.

In fact, for a variety of reasons, we advise against buying a diamond online unless you have a better understanding of them and how to evaluate it.

2. Try to purchase a diamond in the summer.

While it may seem strange, relatively few individuals are actually purchasing diamond rings or bracelets during this time because this is the season when most people want to get married (everyone has already done their ring shopping early in May or April).

For inventory rendering considerations, since the summer is often a sluggish season for business for jewellers, they are lowering pricing and making them more flexible.

During significant holiday seasons like Christmas, pricing is actually highly unpredictable (and unstable) and can either go very high or really low depending on demand. Therefore, it should go without saying that you should probably plan to acquire a diamond during the summer if you wish to do so.

Hot Tip: Even if the retailer (whether online or retail) does not advertise special discounts around June or July, you can still bargain with them for a lower price because they are likely experiencing a period of slow sales and need the money.

3. You Need to Have a Lot of Patience

Despite the fact that some people buy diamonds on the spur of the moment (more of an impulsive choice), perhaps as an engagement or promise ring, it is still advisable to take your time analysing the market to choose the optimum time to get one, especially if you’re on a limited budget.

It’s also vital to remember that diamonds are not like other goods whose worth diminishes with time and whose price often decreases. Contrarily, if anything, diamonds’ value rises over time, which is what makes it so difficult for buyers to make a purchase.

4. Not every "Sale" is genuine

Sad but accurate.

Many jewellery shops display signs that advertise “60% discount” while continuing to operate at their regular pricing. This is why conducting some self-market research prior to going on your diamond hunt is essential; even though the shops you visit may still be selling items in the same price range, you will be able to distinguish between legitimate sales and scams.


Finally, it’s reasonable to declare that diamonds are unquestionably a wise investment. It takes some forethought to acquire one because they aren’t just something you pick up off the shelf (however, if you see a gem you like at a reasonable price, don’t overthink it; diamonds are never a waste of money!).

Your purchase will be more accurate and you will find more sales as a result of having more information. Take your time, browse various shops, pay attention to the discounts they are offering, then make a comparison list and choose the most affordable alternative for you.

Additionally, if you want to buy for any of the aforementioned reasons, it would be a good idea to schedule the season in your calendar and follow your favourite jewellery retailers on social media to be informed of their deals (and stay in the loop to be notified of all updates and season discounts).

With all the advice provided in this article, we are confident that you will discover the ideal season to get your ideal diamond or ring at the greatest possible price.

Happy diamond-shopping!


How early should you buy an engagement ring?

Engagement rings are a symbol of love and commitment. It is believed that the ring should be bought before the proposal in order to avoid any hiccups in the process.

However, this is not always a good idea. If you are on a tight budget and have a specific date for your proposal, it might be better for you to buy the ring later on when you have more money to spend.

Is it better to buy jewellery before or after Valentine's Day?

The answer is, of course, it depends. If you are looking for a gift for someone special on Valentine’s Day, then buying jewellery can be a great idea. However, if you are shopping for yourself, then waiting until after the holiday might be the best option.

Do diamonds lose value after purchase?

The value of diamonds can change on a daily basis depending on the current market trends and how much demand there is in the market. Diamonds can also be bought and sold through auctions which means that they are not just valuable but also liquid assets.