How To Layer A Necklace For The Right Look

Learn how to layer necklaces to look effortlessly stunning at all times. Layered necklaces are here to stay, and it’s no surprise, given how they offer an attractive touch to any outfit. 

If you’re new to jewellery trends, you might wonder how to start layering your necklaces. We have all the advice you’ll need to stack your chains perfectly.

What Exactly Are Layered Necklaces?

Layered necklaces are made up of several chains that are worn together. These necklaces are frequently held together by a single clasp. However, they can be purchased as individual necklaces or a pair. Layering necklaces is a lovely method to attain relaxed glamour.

How To Select The Best Necklaces For Layering

The first step in determining how to layer necklaces is to select the appropriate pieces. When selecting necklaces that go well together, there are a few things to consider. The most crucial of these is selecting the appropriate necklace lengths.

The adaptability of layered necklaces is what makes them so appealing. You’ll want to choose chains of varying lengths. This allows each piece to shine without drowning out the others, resulting in a tasteful collective.

There’s No Limit To How Many You Can Wear

It all comes down to personal preference regarding how many necklaces to layer. You can keep it simple with two chains or go all out and create a statement with several. However, three is an excellent beginning point for individuals just starting with layering. This will allow you to experiment with different necklace lengths and create various stunning styles.

Consider These 4 Style Tips When Layering Necklaces

When deciding how to layer necklaces, there are a few essential factors to consider. Using these tips will help you execute your new style.

Consider mixing metals – wear different metals simultaneously for a modern take on stacked necklaces. This means you can combine your favourite silver and gold jewellery!

Choose one statement piece – A statement necklace, such as a pearl jewellery piece, can serve as a focal point for your ensemble. Allow this necklace to speak for itself as the others back it up.

Choose a variety of necklace weights – a mix of bulky necklaces, narrow chains, and different textured necklaces can add intrigue to a layered necklace appearance. Combine rolo chains, curb chains, and rope chains.

Change up your necklaces with pendants if you prefer to switch up your look frequently; keeping the same essential chains but adding different pendants depending on the occasion is a fantastic way to add diversity.

Although there are numerous factors to consider when deciding how to layer necklaces, the task can be simplified by purchasing pre-designed jewellery sets. This way, the styling is done for you, and all you have to do is accessorize your lovely new purchases.

Layering’s Golden Rules

Master Your Fundamentals

Whatever follows next, this piece will serve as an anchor for the remainder of your look.

Textured Contrast

Increase the impact of your look by adding detail, such as a double chain or charm choker.

Conclude With A Focal Point

Finish the outfit with a pendant or charm to capture the attention and create focus.

Rules are designed to be broken.

Add some colour, pearls, and beads, or keep it simple with a couple of chains. Layer jewellery that promotes self-expression in whichever way you wish.

How to Make Your Layered Necklaces Unique

When developing your style, you want to be as unique as possible. Experimenting with how you layer necklaces is one way to personalise a look. If you want to take it a step further and create a layered design that is wholly unique, try adding an engraved necklace.

You can include a unique memory, such as an important anniversary date, or even your child’s drawing, into your modern attire by selecting a customised necklace.

Detangling Layered Necklaces

The ability to avoid necklaces from tangling is a crucial component of learning how to layer necklaces. This knowledge will assist you in maintaining the appearance of your pieces throughout the day. Necklaces with varying lengths are less likely to tangle than those with similar lengths, so choosing various sizes is the best option. Before wearing, make sure each chain is clear of tangles and knots.

If your necklaces become tangled, we recommend placing them on a flat surface and gently undoing the knots using a straight tool, such as a needle. This method can also be used to untangle stacking bracelets.


Finally, learning how to stack necklaces is a process that requires patience and experience. Following these methods, you can make a lovely necklace to match your attire. Don’t hesitate to ask a fashion designer or a friend if you have any questions. Finally, always be creative and try out various ideas to discover your best style.


What is the best way to wear a stacked necklace?

Mix and match thinner and thicker chain necklaces. Using different textures and styles will make your stack more fascinating, and, as a bonus, it will tangle less! You might also include a coin necklace in the mix. Combining multiple chains is a trendy look that we enjoy.

How do I keep my necklace in place?

To avoid this, search for a necklace with a counterbalance on the clasp, or add one yourself. A counterweight can be anything affixed to the clasp, such as a charm, metal ball, or bead.

How many necklaces should you wear at once?

More is less. The golden rule remains even while layering physically pushes you to add to your style. “Keep in mind, we’re going for the ‘cool chick who just threw these two together without even thinking about it’ look,” Gindi explains. “You should limit yourself to no more than three here.”