The tradition of wedding rings goes back to antiquity when couples would exchange tokens of their commitment. Over time, wedding rings have come to represent more than just a simple symbol of love.

They can also be seen as a sign of wealth and status, indicating that the couple is married indefinitely. Today, wedding rings often have numerous meanings. Let’s find out in this article!

Other Types of Love Rings

1. Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are one of the most popular types of love rings. They usually consist of a band with a large diamond or another gemstone, and often have a smaller gemstone set in the band. The primary purpose of an engagement ring is to show that you are committed to marrying the person who gave it to you, and it is also a symbol of love.

There are many different reasons why people choose to get an engagement ring. Some people buy diamond engagement ring to symbolise their commitment to each other, while others use them to show off their wealth.

However, the most common reason people buy a diamond engagement ring is that they care about the person they are marrying and want to show them how much they love them.

2. Purity Rings

If you’re looking for a symbol of love and purity, a purity ring might be perfect for you. What started as a novelty item has now become an increasingly popular way to show your devotion to one another.

A purity ring is simply a band or piece of jewellery made from metal, plastic, or glass that is worn around the finger as an advertisement of chastity. The rings typically have some inscription or design that signifies the wearer’s commitment to remain faithful to their partner. They are often given as wedding gifts but can also be purchased independently.

3. Promise Rings

Love rings are jewellery that is often worn as a symbol of commitment. They come in many different shapes and sizes, but all share one common feature: they are made to be worn on the left hand as a sign of love.

The origins of love rings are unknown, but they likely originated in ancient civilisations. In some cultures, love rings were considered symbols of fertility and marriage. Today, love rings are popular among people all over the world because they are seen as a symbol of commitment and love.

There are many different types of love rings, but the most popular ones are the promise ring and the wedding band. The promise ring is usually made out of metal, like silver or gold, and it has a band around it that is smaller than the main ring. The main ring is then slid onto the band to fit perfectly.

Meanings of Wedding Rings You Need to Know

1. Romantic Love

Wedding rings are one of the most famous symbols of love and commitment. They are worn as a reminder of the love shared between two people on their special day. A wedding ring can also indicate other meanings, such as being married for life, being in a civil partnership or simply being a couple.

Romantic love is often seen as one of the main reasons why couples choose to get married in the first place. Wedding rings can represent this deep and abiding love. They not only signify that the couple is committed to each other, but they can also act as a symbol of protection and security. This is especially important in times of uncertainty or stress when a wedding ring can serve as an anchor for stability and strength.

2. Holistic Healing

Wedding rings have always been associated with love and marriage. But what does this mean for the modern holistic bride and groom? When people are more interested in self-care, holistic healing is becoming one of the meanings of wedding rings.

Some couples believe that wearing wedding rings shows they are committed to each other and their relationship. They also see it as a sign of protection, as well as a reminder to take care of each other. There is even evidence to suggest that wearing wedding rings can improve your mental health!

So if you’re considering adding a bit of holistic healing to your wedding day, think about choosing wedding rings that represent this meaning.

3. Beginnings

When you get married, one of the most important things you can do is commemorate your beginning. A wedding ring symbolises your commitment to each other and signifies that your marriage is based on love, not just convenience or money- to start a new beginning.

The history of wedding rings is full of symbolism and meaning. In ancient times, unmarried women would wear small gold rings as a sign of their availability. Over time, the rings became symbols of beginnings. Today, wedding rings represent not only your commitment to each other but also your hope for a future together.

The reason why many people choose to get wedding rings is that they believe that they are symbols of love and beginnings. Wedding rings remind us that no matter what life throws our way, we can always rely on our spouse to be there for us.

4. Formality

Few people would disagree that one of the most important aspects of a wedding is the wedding ceremony itself. This includes everything from choosing the right location to exchanging wedding vows, and often this process is enhanced by the accompanying symbolism of wedding rings.  In fact, according to many experts, wedding rings are one of the most important symbols of marriage since it provides formality to both partners.  

While there is no definitive meaning for wedding rings, many experts believe their purpose is to remind both spouses that they are still bound together by marriage even after it has ended.  Whether or not a ring symbolises permanence may vary from couple to couple, but as long as both parties understand and agree to its significance, any ring will do.

5. Sustenance

Wedding rings have been around for centuries and have come to symbolise many different things. For some, the ring is a sign of commitment and permanence. Others may see it as a sign of tradition and love. Whatever the reason, wedding rings signify something important to those who wear them.

Sustenance is one of the critical meanings of wedding rings. When two people get married, they are pledging their lives to each other. Marriage is not just about having a happy time together – it’s also about sharing resources and support. The ring symbolises that commitment and shows that the couple is willing to give everything they have to each other.

For some married couple, this means sacrificing their own needs to care for and support each other.

6. Permanence

Wedding rings are often seen as symbols of permanence. In many cultures, it is believed that a wedding ring is a sign of an official marriage. This is because a wedding ring signifies that the married couple has committed to each other and will stay together for the long term. A marriage can be dissolved by divorce, but a wedding ring remains a physical display of the couple’s commitment to one another.

There are numerous reasons why couples choose to get married and wear wedding rings. Some people believe that wearing a wedding ring symbolises permanence in the relationship. Others believe that it shows commitment and love.

Wedding rings also remind you to keep your promise to one another. If one of you breaks your promise, the ring will remind you not to forget what you said during your wedding vows.

7. Commitment

Wedding rings are symbols of commitment. The rings are worn on the left as a sign of unity and togetherness. They represent the promise between two people to always be there for each other, no matter what.

Rings have been around for centuries, and their meaning has evolved. Today, wedding rings symbolise more than just marriage. They can also represent a pledge of friendship, love, or loyalty. There are many reasons why someone might choose to get married and get wedding rings.

A person could get married because they love each other very much and want to ensure they will always be together. Another reason a person might choose to get wedding rings is to show their friends and family how committed they are to the relationship. Wedding rings can also be a way of saying “I do” without having to say it out loud.

8. Fidelity

Fidelity is a fundamental concept in the world of weddings. It is an emotional connection that couples share.

The way we see it, fidelity can be defined as a relationship where two people are committed to each other and can trust each other despite the passage of time.

In the wedding industry, the concept of fidelity is so important that it has been given a name – “Fidelity ring.” This name is that when you buy a wedding ring, you want to be sure that your partner will always be faithful to you in every aspect of their life.

However, many people don’t want to rely on others for happiness and security. They prefer to care for themselves instead of relying on others for their happiness and security. This kind of thinking has led them to wear fake rings made ​​of plastic or metal instead of real gold rings from their partners’ hands when they get married.


Wedding rings are a symbol of love and commitment.

  • They are often chosen to commemorate the wedding day and can be passed down from generation to generation.
  • The rings come in various shapes, sizes, colours, and materials. Wedding rings are typically made of metal but can also be made of other materials such as wood, ivory, or plastic. Wedding rings typically have a band around the middle and a ring on each finger.
  • Some wedding bands have stones embedded in them, while others do not.
  • Wedding rings come in different price ranges depending on the material used, the size and shape of the ring, and the number of stones or diamonds included.
  • Wedding rings can also be customized with unique engravings or designs.


How should wedding rings be handled?

In traditional wedding ring stacking, the wedding band is applied first to the left-hand ring finger, closest to the heart.

Is my wedding ring always allowed to be worn?

Wedding rings can be worn at any time and in any way. There was never any requirement that they are worn at the same time. Often, people keep their engagement rings hidden away, saving them for formal occasions or important events.

What is the process for choosing the groom’s ring?

Women typically shop for and purchase men’s wedding bands, but traditionally the bride does. There is, however, a tendency for tradition to fade into the past, and couples’ preferences differ. Another couple might find what works for one couple doesn’t work for them.