Wedding rings are a symbol of love, commitment and eternity. So, finding the correct ring that suits your personality and style is essential.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a wedding ring – your lifestyle, budget, finger size and jewellery type. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled an essential guide to buying your wedding ring.

Wedding Ring

Choosing The Wedding Ring Metal

Metal preference is a significant factor when shopping for a wedding ring. Although yellow gold and white gold have long been the go-to metals for wedding rings, platinum and other metals are quickly gaining ground.

It would be best if you chose the same metal for the wedding band and the engagement ring, as they will be worn together.

You and your significant other are not required to choose the same metal because you may have vastly different tastes. Perhaps your and your partner’s sense of style would be best represented by a wedding band that features both metals.

Platinum is renowned for its strength and rarity; yellow gold is renowned for its tradition, and white gold for its attractive glittering beauty. When selecting a metal, it is also essential to consider how you will wear it. 

For example, yellow gold is softer than other metals, so extra care must be taken if you work in a physically demanding environment. On the other hand, white gold is less prone to tarnish, so it may be a better choice if you wear your jewellery frequently.

Evaluating all aspects of your daily life is essential when deciding which metal is ideal for you.

Types of Metal

1. White Gold

If you’re considering getting engaged and have your heart set on a platinum ring, this wedding band is the perfect accompaniment. Wedding bands of white gold often have a layer of rhodium plating applied to improve their appearance. Although this plating will naturally wear off over time, it is simple to reapply, restoring your wedding ring to its pristine condition.


2. Titanium

Wedding Ring

Titanium is a relatively new addition to the category of jewellery metals. It’s a beautiful shade of blue, is scratch-resistant, and doesn’t weigh down your ring finger like platinum or palladium.

Tungsten carbide, zirconium, and black zirconium are all modern metals that are visually and chemically very similar to tungsten.

3. Yellow Gold

Traditional brides and grooms should consider purchasing yellow gold wedding bands. Most people find that 22-carat gold is too delicate to wear regularly, so you might want to look at a wedding band of 18-, 14-, or 9-karat gold instead. The combination of harder metals in these rings makes them more practical for everyday use.

Wedding Ring

4. Platinum

These rings are rapidly becoming the standard for today’s wedding ceremonies. This white metal is incredibly durable and resistant to everyday use. A platinum wedding ring is more expensive and rare than a gold one, but it will remain beautiful and unblemished for the rest of your life.

The cost of a platinum wedding band may be too much for some people, so they may want to look at palladium rings instead. Since palladium is visually identical to platinum but much more reasonably priced, it has quickly become a preferred substitute.

Wedding Ring

Shape Of Wedding Ring

It would help to consider whether your new wedding ring would go with your engagement ring after you’ve settled on the metal.

Since the rings will be worn together forever, they must fit comfortably next to one another. While you might not have thought much about the ring’s profile before, you’ll notice slight differences when you put the various designs side by side.

To remedy this, you could select a shaped wedding ring or a curved or fitted wedding ring. These can have a gentle curvature, a sharp Z-shape, or even a circular opening.

A ring’s profile is something to consider even if you don’t plan to have it shaped. Options include court form (rounded on both the inside and the outside), flat profiles (totally rectangular), D-shape (flat on the inside, round on the outside), and others.

Weight And Width

There is a wide range in weight for even the most common wedding ring material, gold. Similarly, it is customary for men to wear thicker wedding bands than women. Wedding rings are in three categories: light, heavy, and extra heavy. Heavy rings, especially those crafted from platinum or other hard metals, last longer than their lighter counterparts.

It is vital to know that the width of a wedding band, which can vary from 2mm to 8mm, can impair the ring’s ability to fit snugly. The more substantial the band, the more restricted it will seem on your finger. Don’t forget this while deciding on ring size. To learn more, please read our ring sizing guide.

Wedding Ring Finishes

What about a matte finish, or is it too shiny for you? Do they have a texture, or are they smooth? Below is the following information to explain the various metal finishes available for wedding rings. They’re compatible with.925 silver, 18-carat gold, .5-carat rose gold, 9-carat white gold, and.950 platinum.


With a jewellery hammer, tiny indentations are made in the outer metal. This effect makes the band look like a cut gem because of how light reflects off it. The texture can then be given a matte or polished gloss for extra flair.

Wedding Ring

Silk Threads

The softly textured bridal finish looks like strands of silk running in the same direction as the ring’s curve. A surface that is slightly matte and pleasant to the touch.

Wedding Ring


A shiny new coating that exemplifies city living in all its modern glory. This hand-applied finish is ideal for broader wedding rings since it has a polished look with a little more grit.

Wedding Ring


Traditional wedding rings typically feature this timeless polish. Wedding bands that have been polished to a mirror finish are incredibly reflective.

Wedding Ring


It is only on Lilia Nash that you will find the windswept finish. The band is given a micro-hammered texture placed diagonally, making for a striking texture reflecting light well.

Wedding Ring


The raw concrete aesthetic perfectly represents the spirit of city living. These bands have a complex, almost gritty texture as if rolled through concrete.

Wedding Ring

Tree Bark

This finish has been painstakingly crafted by hand, and it features grooves that mimic wood grain and give the impression of bark. Fans of the outdoors and nature will love its novel texture.

Wedding Ring


Traditional wedding bands with matte surfaces have a more earthy appearance. The matte finish on these wedding bands gives the gold an eerie appearance while also drawing attention to the band’s unique design.

Wedding Ring

Budget To Spend

Knowing your chosen style when deciding on a wedding band budget is helpful. The cost may increase, for instance, if you want diamonds or engraving added to your rings.

A list of the features of your ideal wedding ring, in descending order of priority, can be helpful when browsing options. You can use this strategy to strike a good balance between metal, design, and weight without breaking the bank. Consider whether platinum metal’s presence outweighs a wide band’s significance.

Not only should you seriously consider your budget, but you also need to feel completely at ease with the amount you decide to spend on wedding rings.

You’ll find a wide selection of exquisite wedding bands at Browns to meet any taste or budget. Don’t be shy about contacting us or visiting your local store for assistance in selecting the perfect wedding bands for you and your loved one.

Buy Your Rings Ahead Of Time

Wedding rings should be shopped for at least six months before the ceremony to ensure adequate time for their creation. The week leading up to a wedding requires a lot of preparation and many things to think about. The wedding bands need not be the very last item on the list. 

Finding the perfect wedding band is just as time-consuming as searching for the ideal engagement ring. You can spend a lot of time at one jewellery store thinking about your purchase or spread out your visits among several stores. It’sGetting this perfect is essential because it will stay on your ring finger forever.

Consider What Your Wedding Band and Engagement Ring Will Look Like Together

Remember to consider your engagement ring when choosing a wedding ring. Think about the physical arrangement of the bands. If your engagement ring is flush-fitting, you shouldn’t have trouble selecting a wedding ringing that complements it without any gaps.

You can go for contour bands, mixed shape bands, or even a custom design if you don’t want the look of a gap between your engagement ring and wedding rings. Though you can find many complex designs to pick from, it’s best to keep the wedding ring understated. You don’t want your wedding ring(s) to steal the spotlight from your engagement ring. It’s more vital that the stones enhance the ring than match it.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Do you spend your days at a desk or engage in more physical activities? The wedding rings you get can depend on your response to this question. Before deciding on metal, it’s important to weigh how you plan to use it. Tungsten, which doesn’t scratch as easily as other metals, is an attractive option for future husbands and wives who will be doing a lot of work that requires them to use their hands. 

Wedding rings made of titanium are also an excellent option because they are durable and resistant to bending and scratching. Wedding rings with gemstones set in a Channel are an excellent choice for the active couple who doesn’t want to give up glamour. The pavé details (read: tiny, round diamonds or other stones) in this setting are held in place by being positioned next to one another within open channels.

Shop Together

Participating in this wedding-related activity is a lot of fun. CEO of Kwiat and Fred Leighton jewellery stores in New York, Greg Kwiat, recommends that engaged couples “always encourage” themselves to shop together for their wedding rings. “Enjoyment and satisfaction in the result depend on both partners being actively engaged in the process. It’s also an excellent and enjoyable pastime that partners should enjoy together.”

As a bonus, going ring shopping with a friend can help you both choose the perfect design. “Having someone else there to bounce ideas off of can assist immensely when narrowing down your options and finding “the one.” Our couples frequently consult one another on personal style,” says Jennifer Gandia, co-owner of Greenwich Street Jewelers. Make it a date; why not? Plan on stopping by the jewellery store after brunch.

Trust Your Jeweller

It’s essential to keep in mind that jewellers and shops are there to assist you. Budgeting experts can better direct you if you are upfront and honest with them. When planning your wedding budget, it’s always a good idea to inquire about any upcoming bridal events or promotions that may entitle you to discounts, freebies, or even champagne to drink as you shop, “As Lawler-Truesey explains. 

Do not be shy about asking questions if you feel confused or overwhelmed while searching for an engagement ring. Jewellers are the go-to people for advice on anything from which precious metals will complement your lifestyle to which band styles are superior. If you tell your wedding ring expert precisely what you want, they may be able to come up with some novel suggestions. If you put in the time and effort, you can do almost anything.


It is recommended to shop early for your wedding rings. This way, you have time to work out what you want and can find a ring that suits your needs. Buying a wedding ring should be fun, so it’s essential to do your research beforehand. 

It’s also important to remember that the wedding ring is an investment, so it’s best not to go overboard with spending on the design or quality of the materials used. But don’t worry if you’re not sure what style or design suits you best – there are plenty of options for rings in every budget range.


Who buys the wedding rings?

The couple traditionally purchased marriage bands. Nowadays, it’s common for engaged couples to shop together to find rings with complementary or identical designs.

When should you buy the wedding rings?

There is no set rule on when you must buy your wedding rings. However, keep in mind that there will be a lead time of up to a few weeks if the ring you want needs to be engraved or created to order. Then it’s advisable to pick your bands well before the madness ensuing as the big day approaches.

How much do wedding rings cost?

Prices for wedding rings range widely, from around fifty pounds to the thousands. Price factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Material
  • Form or layout
  • Measurements: Height and Width

There is a high cost associated with weddings. The wedding rings are just the beginning; there’s also the location, the gown, the groomsmen’s attire, the catering, and so on. If you want to locate the ring of your dreams without breaking the bank, it is essential first to establish a reasonable spending limit. Some wedding rings can be acquired on 0% interest, allowing you to pay for them in manageable monthly instalments.

How many carats should a wedding ring have?

For the average 2021 engagement ring, The Knot found that a diamond weighing 1.5 carats was the norm. Researchers found that half of the survey participants bought rings with diamonds weighing between 1 and 2 carats. 25% of the rings were more than 2 carats. This study determined diamond cut and form to be more significant than diamond size.

Does the man pick out his own wedding band?

Today, it’s common for engaged couples to go to the jeweller and choose their wedding bands together, with equal input from both parties. Many times, the bands won’t sync up!

Do you still wear your engagement ring after you get married?

When you got married, did you stop wearing your engagement ring? After the big day, you will not stop wearing your engagement ring and wedding band. So, yes. It’s okay to flaunt your wealth of jewellery.