Diamond cuts are an essential part of diamond jewellery, and there are many reasons why you may want them. Diamond cuts can provide a compelling reason to buy a diamond, and they can also have a lot of benefits.

Diamond cuts can add beauty and symmetry to your jewellery, and they can also protect the diamond from Damage. Here are the best diamond cuts

What is a Diamond Cut?

Diamond cut refers to the grading of a diamond by examining its features. The three main categories are Internally Flawless (IF), Very Good (VG), and Good (G). A “cut” is simply the size and shape of a diamond, with no bearing on its quality.

Diamonds in each category may have slight differences, but these variations are not considered flaws and do not affect a diamond’s price or rating.

The most important feature of a diamond is its cut, which affects how sparkly it appears and how well it conducts heat. A good cut makes a diamond look more like the starry sky and allows it to emit more light. A diamond’s cut can be so crucial that some jewellers will only sell diamonds that have been graded as Excellent or above.

What are the 4Cs of Diamonds?

The Four Cs of Diamonds is Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color. These four factors all contribute to the diamond’s overall beauty.

Carat weight is the primary determinant of a diamond’s price. A diamond with a higher carat weight will be more expensive than one with a lower weight.

The cut is crucial because it affects the diamond’s symmetry, brightness, fire, and how sparkly it appears. It also determines how easily the diamond catches fire.

Clarity is judged on a scale from ‘included’ to ‘flawless’. Included means there are some blemishes or inclusions visible to the naked eye; flawless means there are no inclusions at all.

Colour is determined by two factors: saturation and hue. Saturation refers to how intense the colour is; hue refers to which colours are present.

What are GIA Cut Grades?

The Global Institute of Appraisal has been in the appraisal business for more than 50 years and has developed some of the most recognised grading systems in the world. One such system is the GIA Cut Grade which is used by many jewellers and other speciality sellers to grade diamonds.

A GIA Cut Grade is a numerical designation assigned to diamonds by The Global Institute of Appraisal. A diamond’s cut grade indicates its overall quality and includes symmetry, fire, brightness, depth and clarity. A diamond with a higher cut grade will likely be more sparkly, have better symmetry and appear cleaner than one with a lower cut grade.

The GIA offers three grades for diamonds: D (the highest quality), Z (a lower quality), and I (insurance). Jewellery items can be graded on a scale from G to h, with the highest grade being H. Pearls are graded on a scale from AA to AAA, with the highest grade being AAA.

The 13 Best Diamond Cuts

1. Round Brilliant Diamond

Round Brilliant diamonds are some of the most popular diamond cuts. They are elegant and perfect for many styles of jewellery. This cut is best suited for diamonds with a height of at least 2.5 carats. Round Brilliant diamonds are also excellent for earrings, pendants, and other decorative pieces.

Here are a few key reasons why you should consider choosing a brilliant round diamond as your next gemstone:

  • Round Brilliant diamonds are the most popular diamond cut because they offer great beauty and value for your money. These gems look great in both contemporary and traditional styles of jewellery, and they can be tailored to fit any outfit or occasion.
  • Round Brilliant diamonds are very versatile stones – they can be used in various settings, from earrings to pendants to rings.

2. Oval Shape Diamond

The oval shape of diamonds is one of the best diamond cuts because it has many benefits and advantages. It has a very high fire rating, meaning it can withstand higher temperatures than other diamond shapes. This makes it a good choice for jewellery worn near the skin, such as necklaces or earrings.

Oval diamonds also have a longer life span than other diamond shapes, which is why they are famous for wedding rings. They are also less likely to wear or tear over time, making them ideal for high-value items.

Finally, oval diamonds are often more affordable than other diamond shapes, making them a good option for those on a budget.

3. Radiant Cut Diamond

Radiant cut diamonds are one of the most popular diamond cuts because they offer a number of unique benefits and advantages. These diamonds have a cut that suggests a radiant or sparkling fire, which imparts an extra sparkle and shines to the diamond.

The main benefits of radiant cut diamonds include their increased durability and sparkle. Radiant cut diamonds are less likely to get nicked or scratched, leading to problems down the road, such as cracks or chips in the stone. They retain more of their original sparkle and brilliance over time than other diamond cuts.

Some people choose radiant cut diamonds for their unique appearance alone. They believe the cut gives the diamond a more sophisticated look that is hard to find in other types of stones. Others choose radiant cut diamonds for their practical benefits, such as their resistance to scratches and damage.

4. Princess Cut Diamond

Princess Cut Diamonds are one of the best because they offer many benefits and advantages. They are perfect for both men and women, can be used for various purposes, and are very versatile. Here are just a few of the reasons why Princess Cut Diamonds are such great choices:

Princess Cut Diamonds are more beautiful than other diamond cuts due to their rounder shape. They also have a higher carat weight than other diamond cuts, meaning they hold their value better and are often less expensive.

Additionally, Princess Cut Diamonds can be used for wedding jewellery, engagement rings, and other special occasions. They look beautiful on both men and women and can be a great way to show off your unique style.

5. Cushion Cut Diamond

Diamonds are one of the most popular and valuable gems on the market. There are dozens of diamond cuts, but the cushion cut diamond is one of the best. This cut has a high level of symmetry and is often considered the most beautiful. 

Here are some reasons why you should consider getting a cushion cut diamond:

  • The cushion cut diamond is one of the most symmetrical cuts possible. This means that it has high levels of beauty and appeal, which makes it a popular choice for those who are looking for an intricate piece of jewellery.
  • The cushion cut diamond is also a very durable gemstone. It can withstand a lot of wear and tear, making it perfect for those who want to keep their jewellery looking brand new for years to come.

6. Pear Shape Diamond

The best diamond cuts are often called pear shape diamonds because of their round shapes. They have many benefits that can make them the perfect choice for anyone looking for a diamond. Here are some of the main reasons why pear shape diamonds are such great choices:

First, they are one of the most popular diamond cuts. This is because they look nice and offer many advantages when getting a reasonable price for your ring. They tend to be less expensive than other types of diamonds, and this is due to their unique shape and composition.

Next, pear shape diamonds are very versatile. They can be used in rings, earrings, or necklaces, which makes them ideal for anyone who wants to get creative with their jewellery. They also look great when paired with other types of stones so that you can create a pretty, unique look for your jewellery collection.

7. Asscher Cut Diamond

The Asscher cut is one of the most popular diamond cuts. It was named after the Dutch jeweller Theo van Cleef and Arpels, who first created it in 1847. The Asscher cut has a triangular shape that is considered elegant and flattering. It is typically used for diamonds worn on the wrist or arm.

The main benefits of the Asscher cut are that it is well-suited for medium to high-colour diamonds, it has a high level of fire, and it provides a smooth appearance. The advantages of the Asscher cut include its versatility, which allows it to be used for various gemstones, and its ability to enhance diamond clarity.

8. Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald cuts are some of the most beautiful and popular diamond cuts. This cut has a nice balance of fire and water qualities, which results in an eye-catching stone with many benefits. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider an Emerald cut:

  • Emerald cuts are one of the most beautiful diamond cuts. They have a nice balance of fire and water qualities, which results in an eye-catching stone with many benefits.
  • Emerald cuts are versatile – they can be used for engagement rings, watches, earrings, or any other type of jewellery.
  • Emerald cuts are durable – they can last longer than other diamond cuts.
  • Emerald cuts are affordable – they’re one of the least expensive diamond cuts.

9. Marquise Cut Diamond

The marquise cut diamond is one of the most popular, and for a good reason. It has several benefits that make it an ideal choice for many applications.

One of the main advantages of the marquise cut is its symmetry. All the facets on each side of the diamond are identical, which gives it a premium look. This symmetry also makes the marquise cut resistant to inclusions and flaws, making it an excellent choice for high-end jewellery.

Another benefit of the marquise cut is its versatility. It can be used for all jewellery, from engagement rings to necklaces and earrings. The round shape also creates a natural look that many women find attractive.

10. Heart Shape Diamond

Diamonds come in various shapes and cuts, but the heart shape diamond is one of the most popular. Here are some reasons why this cut is so popular:

  • The heart-shaped diamond has a lot of advantages when it comes to using it. It can be used as an engagement ring, wedding band, or necklace because it’s versatile and timeless.
  • Another reason the heart-shaped diamond is so famous is that it’s one of the most beautiful cuts. It has a feminine look and can be paired with any type of jewellery.
  • Finally, the heart-shaped diamond is known for its long-lasting qualities. This is because it doesn’t lose its sparkle over time as with other cuts.

11. Baguette Cut Diamond

Diamonds are one of the most popular and well-known gemstones in the world. They come in all different shapes and sizes, but what makes them so unique is their ability to sparkle and shine. 

One of the most popular diamond cuts is the baguette cut. Here’s what you need to know about this particular diamond cut:

The baguette cut features a long, slender shape that minimises weight and emphasises the diamonds’ brilliance. This style is perfect for women who want a modern look that says high class without spending a fortune on jewellery.

Plus, it has several other benefits that make it an excellent choice for jewellery lovers. The baguette cut looks great on all types of skin tones. It provides an advantage when it comes to durability.

12. Trillion Cut Diamond

Diamonds are one of the most popular gems on the planet, with their beauty and unique qualities making them stand out from other gemstones. Diamonds come in many shapes and sizes, but one of the most popular and well-known diamonds is the trillion cut.

The trillion cut is a type of diamond cut that features a single giant stone sitting on top of a cluster of smaller stones. The giant stone is often tiny, measuring only a few millimetres in size, but its sheer size makes it one of the best diamond cuts for jewellery.

The reason why the trillion cut is such an excellent choice for jewellery is that it features many benefits and advantages over other diamond cuts. For starters, it’s one of the most durable cuts as it doesn’t feature any areas prone to scratches or chips.

13. Heart Cut Diamond

Heart Cut Diamond was developed by Dr William G. Thompson, an American physician, researcher and surgeon. In the early 1900s, he developed the technique of “heart-cutting” (also known as “heart-lop” or “heart-cut”) while working at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. 

The procedure was used to treat patients with coronary artery disease and other types of atherosclerosis that caused blockages in the arteries supplying blood to the heart muscle.

Diamonds are one of the most popular and durable stones on earth, but that doesn’t mean they’re not beautiful. Some of the best diamond cuts are heart-shaped. Here’s why:

  • Heart-Shaped Diamonds Are Prettier Than Round Diamonds. Heart-shaped diamonds are often more colourful and radiant than round diamonds, which is due to their symmetry. Round diamond shapes tend to be more uniform in colour and brightness, so they look less emotional and more artificial.
  • They Are More Accurate Than Other Diamond Cut Forms. The most accurate diamond cut is a heart shape because it divides the stone into equal thirds from top to bottom and side (instead of cutting off the corners).

Factors That Affect The Price of Diamonds

1. Proportion

The price of diamonds is affected by many factors, but the proportion of a diamond’s weight to other diamonds is one of the most important. The higher the proportion, the more expensive the diamond.

The main reason is that diamonds are judged on their quality, not just their size. A diamond with a low proportion will be less valuable than a diamond with a higher proportion. There are several benefits to having a high proportion in your diamonds:

  • A high percentage increases the carat weight of your stones, making them look more extensive and valuable.
  • A high percentage also makes it easier for jewellers to cut and polish your diamond – they don’t have to waste as much time removing smaller stones.

2. Brilliance

Diamonds are one of the most popular gemstones on the market. They are known for their beauty and unique qualities. One of the factors that affect the price of diamonds is their brilliance. Brilliance is a measure of how much light a diamond reflects. The higher the brilliance rating, the more brilliant a diamond will be.

Factors that affect a diamond’s brilliance include its size, shape, and cut quality. There are also certain levels of fluorescence that can add to or detract from a diamond’s brilliance. Some factors that can impact the overall appearance of a diamond include wear and tear, lighting conditions, and climate conditions.

Diamonds with extraordinary brilliance command higher prices than those with lower ratings. Diamonds are most often cut with an octahedron shape – a square pyramid with eight sides – because it gives off the best reflection of light and can be used as a symbol of beauty and prosperity.

3. Fire

Fire, as one of the factors that affect the price of diamonds, is a well-known phenomenon. Diamonds are not only beautiful and rare, but they are also fire resistant. That is why they are often used in jewellery and other forms of decoration.

When diamonds are first mined, they often contain small amounts of coal or other materials that have been burned. This causes the diamond to become more expensive because it takes more time and effort to find and extract these diamonds.

Additionally, many people believe that fires symbolise change or new beginnings, which could be another reason why diamonds cost more when there has been a fire recently in the area where they were mined.

4. Finishing details

Diamonds are one of the most popular gemstones in the world. They come in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes. One of the things that affect the price of diamonds is how they are finished. Here are some reasons why finishing details can affect the price of a diamond:

  • Finishing details can add depth or shine to a diamond. This makes it look more beautiful and valuable.
  • Different finishing techniques can create different types of diamonds: a princess cut may have more sparkle than a round cut, for example.
  • Finishing details can also add security features to a diamond – such as invisible anti-theft coating – which could make it more difficult for someone to steal it.
  • Some diamonds are especially susceptible to scratches and other damage, which could decrease their value if not properly taken care of.

5. Scintillation

Diamonds are often considered a luxury item, but one of the factors that affect their price is scintillation. Scintillation is the random flashes of light that diamonds emit when heated. It’s one of the reasons why diamonds are so valuable-when they’re cut and polished, their brilliance is due to the way light dances off their surface. This effect is called scintillation and it can affect diamond prices in a few ways.

First, scintillation can make diamonds look smaller than they are. When buyers see a diamond sparkling as it’s being offered for sale, they might think it’s less valuable than if it were quieter and more uniform in its sparkle.

Second, because diamonds are rare and expensive, there’s always a demand for them, even if scintillation makes them look less impressive on the surface.

6. Symmetrical facets

Diamonds are a popular choice for jewellery because of their beauty and durability. Diamonds are carbon, with trace amounts of other elements, including hydrogen and nitrogen.

These minerals form in the earth’s mantle and concentrate in different areas as they move up through the Earth’s crust. Diamonds occur in various colours, including yellow, blue, green, pink, brown, black and colourless.

One factor that affects the price of diamonds is the quality of the diamond’s facets. A diamond’s symmetry affects its value since it determines how many angles there are on each face of the diamond. The more symmetrical a diamond is, the more expensive it will be. Symmetrical diamonds have two types of angles: 60° shoulders (called “pavilions”) and 60° crowns (called “crowns”).


Diamond cuts are a popular style of a diamond ring. They are made by cutting a diamond into smaller pieces, or “cuts.”

  • This allows the diamond to be mounted in a setting that is less bulky and more delicate.
  • The cuts also add visual interest and sparkle to the diamond ring.
  • Diamond cuts are trendy among women looking for a more delicate look for their rings.
  • They often find diamond cuts provide the right sparkle without being too flashy or gaudy.


How much does it cost to cut a diamond?

Diamonds cut in emerald, and Asscher shapes are the least expensive carat-for-carat. Even though step-cut diamonds are more efficient, they still cost the same whether they are cut from rough stone or not.

How much does the most expensive diamond shape cost?

Easily the most expensive diamond shape is the brilliant round cut. Round diamonds are the most popular shape, in part because they are round. Round diamonds make up more than half of all diamonds sold today. A diamond with such an in-demand shape can be offered at a premium by miners and retailers due to its tremendous popularity.

How much does a diamond weighing 1 carat cost? 

The cost of a 1-carat diamond varies from $1,300 to $16,500, according to diamonds. The size of a diamond does not necessarily determine its quality.